Sunshine Series Round 1 Toowoomba

4 weeks after bruised and broken ribs from our horrific car crash, Chris shows up on race day, does a few laps and nearly takes it! But Lindsay Klein kept him honest and took the well deserved win on hometown turf. Congrats Lindsay!

Heres what Chris had to say:

“I haven’t had a lot of DH time since the car accident, been healing and have lost some fitness. But I was coaching out at the race on Sunday and so I thought I might as well go against the clock. I had a lot of fun. Props to Lindsay, well deserved and a great rider and mate. Look forward to getting stronger and back to form plus just riding every day in Whistler.”

Pretty action packed race day with a few gnarly crashes and a big scare as fellow mate and For The Riders shredder, Liam Paiaro, had a massive over the bars and got heli’d out. Thankfully, he will make a full recovery so healing vibes Liam! Also big congrats to Ben Power, Max Warshawsky and Remy Morton for putting down some fast times. Will miss the Aussie race scene as we’re off to Whistler next week. Sure we won’t have much trouble continuing the fun over there… 




Good to see Chris getting back up to speed



power wheely



Elite mens podium

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