DH Skills Clinic at Beerburrum

Saturday morning claire and i had a great coaching session 8am-12pm with a group of 8 riders intermediate to strong-intermediate turning up of all ages at the Beerburrum (Hennesey) MTB DH track. The track is mostly pretty mellow but can be advanced when you pick the pace up and mix your lines up so its a great location to learn the basics and then step it up.


We started off with some bike set up and then got into some basic skills and techniques like body position/gears and braking/cornering/pressure control and line selection and then we got into some drops and jumps. We managed to squeeze a lot of information into the 4 hour session, but for the last 30 mins we pumped out some full runs to let the riders test there newly honed skills.


Cornering drills,weaving in and out the markers learning how to lean the bike and use the right body position.


Here were going through the basic bunny hop which is a foundation for learning how to jump and also clear obstacles.



We kept the riders hydrated and managing through the 4 hour session with a bunch of water,fresh fruit,snacks and drinks! No junk food here!


Myself running through the techniques for riding drops using this tree stump as the culprit.

Thanks again to all the guys for coming out, and a shout out to my cousin brendan and mate darryn for shuttling us that day it was a big help!

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