Last Phat Weekend

Raced the last race of the season here in whistler!  The Phat Weekend series was a 2 race series they came up with to finish out the  summer season in the bike park and the weather really held up for us!!!
Saturday was qualifying and the track was tight, twisty, rough and really kept you on your toes as you had to pedal most places to keep your momentum. Claire and I both qualified 1st amongst the not so packed field but the competition kept us from slacking.
Sunday race day and the track was really getting blown out and with not much line choice you just had to suck it up and take the hits. Claire had a smooth run and bettered her time by a couple seconds which was her goal of the day. I overshot a corner losing a little speed out wide but manged to pull that time back by the finish line and came down in 1st place aswell!
We are really pumped to be a part of the series here in whislter its been great racing, a super fun and competitve season and great to give the local talent some competition to learn from.

Collection of Phat Weekend wins. Thanks WORCA and Whistler Bike Park for having the best beer league DH series and extending it into the fall!

We are still in Whistler for a few more weeks before we head back to Australia and start summer all over again!
Chris k.
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