Crankworx 2012

The goal was to podium at every event we entered and even though Chris could only compete in one, due to injury, we achieved our goal.

Even better was being asked to be a part of the Deep Summer Photo Challenge with world renowned MTB photographer, Ian Hylands. The contest consisted of 6 photographers and their chosen riders, 3 days of shooting, hiking, scoping, getting swarmed by mosquitos in 30 degree heat, a 3-5 minute slideshow presentation. All judged. This is how our week started, making amazing images happen!

Dust – Deep Summer 2012 on Pinkbike

On the racing side, first up was the Garbanzo DH. 12 kms of rough, technical single track with some uphill sections and various long sprints. With a strong field of international and local riders, Chris and I managed to come away with two 3rd places! Chris on flat pedals!

Claire during Garbo pain…Colin Meagher photo.

Elite Womens Podium

Chris at the top of Garbo…..Fraser Britton photo.

Chris In Deep…Dave Trumpore photo.

Mens Elite Podium

Next was the World Whip Off Championships. A huge turn out with all the local shredders and top world cup guys alike. Masses of fans lining the track and a helicopter getting footage of the action. While practicing for the finals, this is where Chris left a lot of skin on the mountain. Straight to the hospital for scrubbing and stitching of wounds. He would be out for the rest of the week….

Chris during whip off practice.


That night was the Deep Summer Photo Challenge presentation itself. A packed outdoor showing in Whistler’s Olympic Plaza under summer skies. Everyone got to see the result of all the 6 team’s hard work. And the result was stunning, such a good show by all teams.

The Air DH was the next day on a hard packed, dry and fast track full of jumps from top to bottom. Times were gonna be tight. I was on a flyer when a spectator decided to cross in front of me just as I was ready to put the power down to the finish. Full brakes and a roll through for me, 1 second off of first and 0.14 off of second. Who knows what that incident cost me but I was happy to be up there!

Elite Womens Podium

The last event of the week for me was the Jeep Canadian Open DH. The track was dry, loose, blown out with massive jumps. I was loving the jumps but unfortunately too many mistakes in between the big lines cost me a good performance and I knew it.  I was grateful to come through in 2nd! Amazing video coverage of this event and the amount of fans and spectators was huge!

Claire into the loamy woods section…Ian Hylands photo.

Elite Womens Podium

So that is the end of a full on week of Crankworx 2012. Chris is back coaching today, arms wrapped up and gritting his teeth. I am preparing myself for the World Championships in Leogang Austria, flying out in 5 days!

Huge shout out to all our sponsors, supporters and fans. And to all the organizers of events like these and to the live web casts, photographers and journalists that capture them.

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