Rider Development Program Testimonial!

This is great to hear as we really try to provide quality teaching that leads to results! Thanks Shane, it was great working with you!

“I needed some fine tuning in the DH skills department so decided to do a one month rider development program through Kovarik Racing. After the first session I was quite surprised by how much I’d picked up in such a short time. Chris and Claire were able to assess my riding and quickly isolate the areas where improvement was required. During the programs skills drills, Claire made great use of the video camera, allowing me to see any flaws in my riding. this was further illustrated by having Chris on hand to demonstrate the correct techniques. My confidence began to escalate as I felt the bike responding like never before, and this just increased with every session. Chris and Claire were fantastic throughout the program, this experience has given me performance gains beyond my expectations and I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to push through to the next level.”

-Shane, Queensland Australia

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