Victoria State Champs

We had been hearing good things about the racing in Victoria and now we see why. One of the most organized events we’ve been to! Just all round great facilities, shuttles, timing, food, atmosphere, everything. Huge turnout as well.

We were invited down by Fat Tyre Flyers, one of the mountain bike clubs in Victoria that takes care of the Victoria State Champs among other State Series rounds. We held a couple race skills clinics on the Friday, did a little ‘on the mic’ action on Saturday and raced on Sunday. Made some new friends too!

The camps went well with 22 riders attending and ranging in ability from young groms, youth and adults. We held a beginner  to intermediate clinic in the morning and an advanced clinic in the afternoon.

Sorting our Unit goodies for the campers....

Justin on the mic!

The track was long and involved a lot of sprinting, what a work out! Was also greasy from rain and got quite blown out and technical in sections. Definitely challenging on all fronts.

Oh and the leeches were out too, sooooo creepy, cuz you don’t know how they end up on you, they just do! Saw a couple snakes too, copperheads we think.

Chris wrote some inspirational words on someones bike....

Was so good to go against the clock again as I haven’t since the World Champs back in September. My run went ok, I should have been under 6 minutes, at least, but I felt a bit rusty and had a few moments out there.  The sprinting was the hardest as it isn’t my strongest point but I did my best at the time. I was so blown up at the bottom, I could barely jump the finish jumps and pedal across the line!

Chris stepped up and power-housed the track. Must feel amazing to ride like that and to be so naturally strong. Asshole! haha.

photo Liam Renaut

There wasn’t a tonne of elite competition as Oceanas was happening on the same weekend and also some riders have already head off to the first round of the World Cups in South Africa. But we were just grateful to be racing and amongst it. Good to be mixing in with a more grassroots level as well.

There were a few Groms out there absolutely shredding it!

We’d like to thank Fat Tyre Flyers again for working with us and accommodating us. And all the volunteers, riders and fans that came out!

Hope to be involved with more events like this in the future.

Eite Mens Podium: Tim Eaton, Rhys Atkinson, Chris, Liam and Joel Panozzo. No pic of the womens podium, hm hmmm thanks Chris for not taking one for me...

KONA Elite Men

1. Chris KOVARIK 5:11.910

2. Rhys ATKINSON 5:22.086 +10.176

3. Liam PANOZZO* 5:22.983 +11.073

4. Tim EATON 5:26.758 +14.548

5. Joel PANOZZO 5:27.955 +16.046

KONA Elite Women

1. Claire BUCHAR 6:01.400

2. Alyssa LYONS* 6:27.674 +26.274

3. Kelly BAYLISS 7:12.013 +1:10.613

* Denotes 2012 Victorian Champion

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