Aussie National Champs

Well its that time of year again when the DH National Champs come around and this year its the final year they are held in Adelaide, South Australia, eagle park. This year at Kovarik Racing we decided not bring claire along as we are saving our budget for the race season overseas, which is a shame as claire would have done well, winning here in the past. Considering I had ridden the track the past 2 previous years in a row I opted to fly down on the thursday night and miss the first day of practice as I knew the track hadn’t changed much and was easy to remember, although i don’t think anything could have prepared me for the heat and hot weather that was to come. This year I was lucky enough to actually be able to use some pit space, put my feet up and keep out of the heat, thanks to a few of our sponsors, For The Riders and NSDynamics, both who had their tents there for the weekend supporting their young gun riders.

Practice on the friday went well feeling out the track conditions and checking out lines, it was great to be at a race again since not having raced since august last year in whistler so I was getting amped! Saturdays practice went well with a change of fresh schwalbes(thanks Guy at the schwalbe tent!) and a few different line choices I was ready for qualifying later that day. The plan for me was to ride at %80, hit my lines, and not give too much away with my time at the finish, it went to plan qualifying in 8th, about 4.5 seconds off  local junior world champ Troy brosnan.

Sunday, race day can be a nerve wrecking day for some as the winner of any category gets the glory of holding that jersey, and name as the national champ for the period of a year till the next champs. For me my main concern was if i could step it up and be fit enough to pin a full run at %100 as i hadn’t exactly been in training for any race for that matter, concreting 5 days a week and then coaching on the weekends hadnt left much time lately to prepare for this race, so i was mainly going off my race experience.

Anyway the start of my run was great, i felt on the edge and a bit loose, foot out but in control, at the halfway point i slightly overshot an inside line and squared a corner off losing a little time. Got back on it and nailed the next few sections as i exited the last woods, i ran a little off line on 2 corners and then didn’t carry speed in another which i knew would cost me, crossing the line i knew it wasn’t a winning run but was happy with my efforts.

I finished 4th which is a spot on the podium and great for Kovarik Racing and our sponsors but theres a twist, my flight booked back home was at 7.50pm so I could be back at work the next morning and is the last flight that night which doesn’t leave much time after my race had finished at 6, so i had to pin it back up the hill pack my bike and get a lift to the airport. Unfortunatley i had to miss the podium because of that but regardless i was happy with my race and had a great time! Check out the Video:


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