Kovarik Racing Canberra Camp 2

New Friends! Left to Right: Chris, Nick, Timmy, Alan, Matt, Ewen, Claire, Nathan, Darcy, Victoria, Cal. Missing: Shannon(had to leave early). Thanks for joining us guys and gal πŸ™‚

This is our 2nd year working with Bike Techniques Australia. They invited us down to teach 2 weekend camps this year and this past weekend was round 2. We had another great crew of riders of all ages and abilities, some just getting into riding, some fine tuning their race skills and tactics, some adults, some youth. Either way, everyone was challenged and we were able to cater to each riders’ strengths and weaknesses.

We spent the first day at Stromlo Forest Park, where the 2009 World Championships were held. It is a great venue to coach at as they have some good little skills areas to work on drops, pumping and jumping as well as a couple tracks to work on cornering and putting it all together.

Day 2 we went shuttling out at Blue Range which was pretty rad, actually. Canberra isn’t a mountainous area but Blue Range offered some steeper terrain, more technical single track, off camber sections, drops, jumps, corners. It was a little greasy in the morning so everyone was challenged and we could give some good tips for riding in more slippery conditions.

One of the best things about coaching is the characters you meet. Some people are just so stoked on life, some just little shredders on bikes too big for them, so great. One of our riders, Cal, was hilarious. He drove over 7 hours to ride with us! What a legend. He was having so much fun on one run, I caught up to him on the side of the track with his helmet off. I thought he’d had a crash but he was having a laughing fit!!! Haha, so great to see.

All in all, a great 2 weekends of coaching with Bike Techniques. Thanks for having us guys! Looking forward to next year already…

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