Hi from scenic Champery

Quite beautiful here in Champery, there is an epic view from every angle! World Champs is going to go off here on Sunday. Especially because the weather calls for heavy rain. Just on Sunday. Perfect. But for now it is sunny and beautiful, the track is dry for the most part, still challenging. The jet lag is getting better by the day. Riding well, jumping well after day 2 of practice. Need to still nail a few lines and the last 3 new gravel jumps into the finish. Hard cuz you’re turning going into the first one, feels sketchy but doable.

Been a bit of a shock to the system after being absent from any world cup racing this year. The level of track, riding and competition is just so high. Even from any Crankworx or whistler events. So for the first year/new to Europe girls on the team, it must be crazy! They’re doing good though, shredding it up.

Been having fun, lots of laughs, watching stray cat fights, making gourmet meals, the girls have our own house, it’s amazing. We figure it’s haunted by this old nanna in a picture on the wall who was poisoned by her nurse with this antique cart thing we found under the stairs. It’s medication time….squeek squeek squeek. haha.

Anyways, thats it for now. Oh and I put a spatula under Miranda’s pillow. hehehehe.

Over and out, report back soon.

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