Phat Wednesday World Champs Fundraiser

A successful night! We raised just over $1400 for Casey Brown and Miranda Miller to help cover flights/costs at the World Championships in Champery Switzerland at the end of the month! Thanks everyone who came out and supported and thanks to all that donated prizes for the raffle and auction. Special and huge thanks to WORCA/GLC  for hosting this event and Seb you are amazing on the mic!

The race was down Crank It Up. It’s an excavated trail the whole way with not one root on it. Pedal mania, not so much skill required, maybe some scrubbing, holding speed and a few lines but thats about it. Brutal on the legs and lungs. Humans can only sprint for so long before they max out and we had to keep going for over 5 minutes. Add a downhill bike into the mix and you can feel like you’re pedalling as hard as you can and not going anywhere. So not an enjoyable race, not like hitting corners, nailing lines through the roots and rocks. Just flat out feeling horrendous cuz you’re sprinting for 5 minutes plus. I was honestly surprised to take the win. I guess it’s a confidence thing and just being used to being schooled in the sprints at the World Cups and making it up in the technical sections and gnarly jumps. Also goes back to my ski racing days as a skinny little kid. I should get that out of my head cuz I am strong! Must be the Strand Training….must be. 🙂 Sarah Leishman was not far behind in 2nd and Kathy Pruitt on a race break after injury in 3rd. Well done ladies! Chris had a pretty major mechanical and wasn’t able to finish the race, nice effort for showing up though after being pretty sick for the last few days.

Couldn’t find a pic from last night….this is last weeks podium, the champs! 
the kind of trails I prefer…..garbo by Blake Jorgensen
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