Back on the DH Program

We FINALLY got our bikes built on Thursday afternoon and they are sick!  It’s been a pretty obstacle filled year for us with some serious lameness resulting in having to miss out on lots of training and racing, including some world cups and ya know, that just ain’t  cool. But anyhoooooo……..considering were pretty much getting thrown into the deep end, I’m feeling pretty good on my bike, gonna race the Canadian Open, Garbo and Air DH during Crankworx. Then it’s straight off to the Canadian Championships since thats my only chance of getting on the team now. But will be cool to be with all the fellow Canucks cuz ya know, they’re great. Heres a pic of Chris this morning before getting a mud bath. Why go to the spa?

Thanks to all of our sponsors and supporters, wish us luck for the rest of the season!

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