Sunshine Series Round 3

Well I was pretty excited, on the weekend just gone, to be at my second race of the year and yes thats strange to say for me as I would normally be overseas competiting amongst the world cup guys but things are starting off a little slow this year for claire and I so this is how it is just for the moment.


chillin’ with my cousin Brendan.


The crew from For The Riders were out. FTR is one of our big supporters this year.


The track is at beerburrum amongst the famous glass house mtns on the sunshine coast hinterland not a very long track its fun and flowy but really physical to race. A few local guys finally got permission by the council to bring machinery in and fix the track up for the DH series and they did quite a good job with more jumps, berms and a tricky rock garden that had everyone including myself scratching there head for abit.
In qualifying i was smashing out a nice run when i hit an off camber berm and i got spat out on a weird angle off the track into the bushes on one of the flattest parts of the track so getting back up to speed wasnt all that quick, i lost valuable time and came across the line and qualied in 11th spot. I wasnt to concerned as i was 5 seconds off 1st place qualifier and i thought i could make that time up with a final run with no mistakes and alot more effort put into pedalling.
plowing through the rocks.


For the final i set off great i felt smooth,  smashing berms and scrubbing the jumps to keep low and speed up for the middle flatter section, from there to the finish wasnt to bad with one little mistake i knew there was no room for error with a couple local fast guys blowing wind up my back that day, sure enough i finished second by a hair to young gun and yeti sponsored kid Brandon Yrrtiaho.
1st Brandon Yirtairio, 2nd me, 3rd Greg Palmer, 4th Antony Moore, 5th Ezra Bartholdt
mens podium.


Im working a regular job at the moment so i havent had as much time on the bike as i would like but in the next 2 weeks will be heading to whistler canada to get back up to speed and form, you will here from me there!
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