PMBI with ZEPtechniques

This past long weekend, I took my PMBI(Professional Mountain Bike Instructor)Level 1 course with ZEPtechniques. It was pretty much…rad!

We had a good group, got lots of riding in and learned some invaluable ways to safely and effectively teach mountain bike theory, skills and techniques to potential clients. We had some good laughs too, I might add :). Now I can ensure that when I coach, teach or guide, wether it be through Kovarik Racing, Summer Gravity Camps, Worca etc., I can break down the experience and skills that I have so that my clients or campers will truly benefit.

The PMBI Certification is an industry leader and ZEPtechniques have trained over 400 new PMBI instructors since 2006. Owner-Director and Head Coach, Paul Howard, is an amazing rider and instructor with a huge amount of experience behind him. And, in my opinion, is pretty brilliant as he created and wrote the PMBI Intructor Training Manuals! Definitely a Physics and Bio-mechanics nerd haha!

Anyways, I highly recommend it and I can’t wait to get Chris on a course. Looking forward to doing my Level 2 as well.

I am now officially a PMBI!!!!

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