For The Riders Grand Opening

Timmy and Tomac(Michael) have been mates of Chris’s for years, since they were a tiny out-of-garage business in the bottom of Tomac’s parents house. Their passion was mountain bikes and that passion grew into a small but pro shop  in Brisbane. In between racing and riding, they grew the business and now have a strong online store presence. This past weekend they moved about 2km down the road into a larger space and man is it pimp!!!! Chris and I helped out with some moving action and showed up to the Grand Opening to do some autograph signing. Just wanted to say congrats to them and that it has our vote for being the Best Mountain Bike Shop in Australia! And not just because they are our friends but for the professionalism they offer from product, customer service and mechanic work to just being there for the mountain bike community. For The Riders is really for the riders.

Lindsey and Liam in the Main Entrance

Tomac and Timmy ringin' in the sales

pretty pro set up

my mockup card

autographs anyone? haha

star struck kids

Rhys and Chris chillin' in the lounge/bar area.......

..........watching old school videos, Chris back in the day

Liam's double fisting sausages while Lindsey's double fisting beers

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