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Kovarik Racing Race Skills Clinic at Silver Star BC Cup/NW Cup – Online Reg open!

March 31, 2014

Online Registration for our Race Skills Clinic at the Silver Star BC Cup/NW Cup is now live via CCN Bikes:

2 Spots are up for grabs via the Intense Weekend Video Entry Contest so that means 8 spots are available through regular registration. So get on it quick!

Come learn, get fast, race and pit with us! 



SEQ Gravity Enduro Mt Joyce

March 17, 2014

Same kind of story. Heatwave, 35 plus degrees but didn’t seem as bad as Toowoomba for some reason. Maybe having the lake close by helped a bit, cooler air off the water? We did get a nice breeze from time to time too which was some relief. Either way, trails were dry, dusty, blown out and slidy. Made for some scary moments and also some good fun.

It was a 4 stage Enduro and with just under 200 entrants, it was a choose your own adventure format. You could ride the stages in whichever order you’d like. This worked well as it alleviated line ups and you could ride with all your buddies, no matter what group they were in.  Three of the stages were quite flowy and pedally with a few climbs and traverses in there. The last stage, which we saved for last, was a gnarly, rocky, loose downhill with jumps and off camber chutes. My fav.


198 riders ready to be cleared to start the first transition. Podium Lube photo.

Chris just always seems to either nail it or blow something up. This time round, unfortunately, he rear flatted. Twice. First time was on the longest stage where it was luckily only a slow leak but he rode with a half inflated tire for most of it. Gruelling. I definitely would NOT want to do that. Anyways, he chucked a tube in and went up for the last stage, the “DH” stage. And a few corners in, rear flat. So crap!! He still managed to end up 10th and we are pretty confident that he could have walked away with it, had he been mechanical free. That’s ok. We know he is riding fast and these things happen. In retrospect, we were unable to find him a new rear tire before the event so he risked running his old one rather than running a different brand that he doesn’t like the feel of.  And, unfortunately, the risk just didn’t pay off. Big congrats to Michael Ronning and Lindsay Klein for taking the shared(tied)win! Ronning and Chris were Intense teammates on the DH World Cup circuit back in the day. He’s a legend and still pins it big time. Lindsay’s been around for a while too, just a really versatile rider. Nice work guys.

Chris leaning into a sandy berm near the end of Tunnel, the shortest stage of the day.

Chris leaning into a sandy berm near the end of Tunnel, the shortest stage of the day. Podium Lube photo.

Look at that arm formation! Elite mens podium.

Look at that arm formation! Elite mens podium.

The terrain at Mt Joyce seemed to suit me better than Toowoomba. Although the first 3 stages were ridiculously hard. Drool much? Yup that was me, the drooling panting loser, want to take my photo? Thanks. Ha! So there were 3 girls in the Elite Women category this time round. A bit of an improvement, at least we would fill up the podium! It was a good mix of backgrounds: XC racer Kylie Maduna, 4X racer Sharsha Huntington and myself, DH. Cool that we can all come together and enjoy this Enduro format. Kylie is strong on the pedalling, she is a little speedy gonzales! It was interesting to see that we were very close on the 3 “pedally” stages, we actually tied one of them. Pretty crazy how that can happen as I am sure we are quite different riders. Sarsha had a bit of a rough day, a few crashes on multiple stages. Props to her, being a mom and all and probably not having a huge amount of time for herself. Hope you’re not too sore to lift your kid today my friend! Geeez. Although I held my own on the flatter stages, I definitely made up a huge stack of time on the DH stage. It was my favourite and confirmed how much I love downhill racing. Downhill racing isn’t physically easy as you have to go all out and risk and focus but you can still feel pretty rad on your bike. When I’m racing a pedally stage and I’m drooling down my chin and losing my form by the second, yeah, I don’t exactly feel like a rock star! But saying that, I enjoy the challenge.

Claire landing the big table and straight on the brakes to set up for the berm nearing the end of the DH stage. Podium Lube photo.

Claire landing the big table and grabbing the brakes to set up for the berm nearing the end of the DH stage. So much fun. Podium Lube photo. 


Holding up my podium Lube Biowash and a bit of cash on the Elite Women podium. Element Photo & Video Productions photo.

Overall, another fun day of racing against the clock. Now we are turning our main attention to our DH bikes, in preparation for the World Cup in Cairns.

Thanks to For The Riders for the shade and to SEQ Gravity Enduro and Outlook Riders Alliance for a great event yesterday, we will be back!


DH Skills Clinic at Beerburrum coming up!!!!

March 13, 2014


Rider Development Team

March 5, 2014

For 2014, we wanted to support some up and coming athletes by acting as coaches, mentors and friends. We wanted to offer help through building their athlete profiles, relationships within the industry, taking some pressure off their parents and, obviously, helping them out with  some rad gear to ride in and on!

So we’ve started a little RD(Rider Development) Team and this way we can also help out some of our sponsors by getting some shredders on their radar and out showing off their brands.

Seth is the perfect little candidate. He has been working with us through our Rider Development Coaching Program for the past 2 years and he has a bright future in the sport whichever avenue of it he decides to take. His job is to have fun, keep progressing and work towards his own personal goals. We are proud to have Seth under our wing and rockin’ his own Kovarik Racing jersey at some events throughout the season. Look out for some more Seth action this year!

Seth Sherlock


Age 11.

Squamish, BC Canada.

Down to earth little dude.

He already has a few sponsors of his own but big thanks to some of our own great sponsors for hookin’ Seth up: Intense Cycles, Five Ten shoes, Fox suspension, Chromag components, e13 chainguides, Smith Optics, Giro helmets, Reel Cameras, Evolution Whistler.

20130607_seth_sherlock_045-Edit-2     20130628_seth_sherlock_109-Edit     20130628_seth_sherlock_022-Edit

More on Seth:

TMBC Gravity Enduro

February 17, 2014

This past weekend Chris and I head a couple of hours inland from Brisbane to Toowoomba QLD, hometown of overall amazing cyclist and now Enduro specialist Jared Graves, to give this Enduro racing thing a go. Jared didn’t race, apparently he was off doing some road gig, but there were plenty of legitimately fast XC, DH and Enduro experienced racers out with an overall turn out of 140 plus participants. Not bad for a club race.


Start of Stage 1 and top of Transitions 1, 3 and 5 which were straight up an exposed, steep and loose fire road that had very little shade throughout the day.

I’ll start off by saying that it was hot. Understatement. More like trying not to melt. The weather man said that it was around 38 degrees C but apparently it was more like 45 and some people were reading 51 degrees on their little bike computers but those were just being baked in the sun, much like us. Regardless, it was the hottest conditions I have ever been in, let alone ridden a 5 stage Enduro in.

I had tried a little 3 stage local Whistler Enduro race last summer but I was told it wasn’t a true Enduro, more like a DH on little bikes. Even though it did have sprints and pedal sections, the uphills were very minimal. I’m still kind of confused as to what an Enduro is, I guess they vary. Because this one in Toowoomba was not very technical at all and very pedally, almost constant, and despite a few downhills, quite flat overall because the tracks had so many switchbacks across the fall line. But I only have Whistler to compare to so…Either way, it was fun and challenging!


A drop! Woo. Nearing the end of stage 5. Few more corners and it’s all over. Photo by Jason Kelly.

I thought that there would be more girls at an event like this and apparently there usually are, but there were only 2 girls in A grade on Sunday. A shame because I wanted to see how I stacked up as I’m feeling pretty fit right now. So it was myself and XC racer Kylie Maduna. We are both relatively new to Enduro racing with totally different backgrounds. It was going to be cool to see how we went against each other. In the end, it was Kylie who came out on top but I definitely held my own, beat out by 9 seconds overall. Decently close racing in the scheme of things. Good on you Kylie!

Chris. Well he’s just a bit of a genetic freak. He had plenty of real competition and managed to come out on top! Not by much, 6 seconds, but his ability to produce power and feel pain is pretty impressive. And annoying. Ha! Only cuz I have to work so hard at it! :)


Chris on the same drop with clearly more speed but bow legged haha! Photo by Jason Kelly.

Overall a pretty cool experience, new crowd, chill atmosphere. Liked it and think we’ll be back for more.

Thanks to everyone involved for a great event and special shout out to Greg at Zelvy Carbon, Jason at Podium Lube and For The Riders for the local support.



Gap Creek All Mountain Skills Clinic Friday Jan 31st 4-6pm

January 28, 2014

All Mountain Skills Clinic coming up this Friday from 4-6pm at Gap Creek! See poster for more details. For Beginner to Intermediate. Max 8 Riders. Email us to book in:


Karver Segment

December 20, 2013

The last segment of the movie, Segments, is Chris’s. Check it out and go Karve some turns!



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